Strip Club Sally

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Strip Club Sally

Sally and I paid the cover charge and walked into the club. Looking around we saw /gorgeous/gorgeous-women/">gorgeous women writhing on raised stages while rock music pounded. Single men sat around the stages, eyeing the half naked women, while a few couples talked at tables. We had been occasionally going to this particular strip club over the past several years. It had a large dance floor where couples were encouraged to dance. On the weekends the club featured topless dancing by its female customers. When Sally and I danced there, I could freely kiss and caress her breasts, something we couldn't do in any of the dance clubs around town.

While we sat at one of the tables we talked about the /first-time/">first time we visited the club. That night Sally had worn a low-cut white top. It was loose and plunged to just above her navel, showing a great deal of cleavage. As women on the dance floor lifted their tops to show their breasts the D.J. would shine a spotlight on them, making a variety of lewd, but encouraging, comments. After seeing this done several times Sally asked me if I wanted her to show her tits as well. I didn't say anything I just danced close to her and pulled her blouse open. Her 38C breasts tumbled out, framed on either side by the white top. The D.J. whistled and the spotlight swung over to focus on Sally.

Putting her arms behind her head she writhed in the light. "We've got a hot one here," the D.J. commented. After several minutes, Sally pulled her blouse back over her breasts and we returned to regular dancing. Off and on through the rest of the evening Sally continued to flash everyone on the dance floor, eliciting words of appreciation from the D.J.

That was Friday night. Sally was so energized by the experience that we returned on Saturday. That night I decided to give her some full hd xvideo download space and see how long it would take for someone to ask her to dance. I sat down at one of the strip stages and watched a particularly nubile blonde strip down to her g-string. When I turned around to find my wife, I saw she was already on the dance floor with someone. She danced three dances with him before she found the courage to flash him. For the next several songs this perfect stranger fondled and kissed my wife's breasts at every opportunity. At first I was nervous about this happening in such a public place.

I looked around and saw other men looking back and forth from the blonde stripper on the stage to my blonde /slut/slut-wife/">slut wife on the dance floor. Realizing my wife's behavior fit the setting, I relaxed. I could tell the other men around me were envious of the fellow with my wife. After all, at the stage we could only look but not touch. Out on the dance floor he was doing all the touching he wanted. I could see that they were getting turned on by the show. Finally a bouncer from the club walked up to my wife and the stranger. She later told me he had told them to "cool it, we don't want the natives to get too restless." After that they finished their dance, she thanked her dance partner and returned to me. When we left the club a little later her dance partner met us at the door and thanked me for letting him dance with my wife.

Our talk soon turned to our plan for the night. In my single days I had gone to strip clubs and enjoyed the show. But then I went home to my solitary bed and jacked off. I knew free porn movies download many men in the club had to do the same thing. Why not give them a /surprise/">surprise and let them fuck /wife/hot-wife/my-hot-wife/">my hot wife? I would have jumped at such an opportunity in my single years. Sally had been reluctant with the plan at first. But she likes to fuck and it seemed like an interesting adventury. Sally had dressed for the part. She wore the low-cut white top with a mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings and platform shoes. Like the strippers, she had a g-string on under the skirt.

"I'm going up to the stage now, you're on your own," I said. As I walked away I looked back at my wife, sitting alone at the table. A woman in her mid-forties, she looked like a ripe fruit waiting to be squeezed, relished and ravished. After the first dance ended I looked back again. Sure enough, a balding man in his late thirties was sitting next to her and talking. Sally later told me his opening line was, "Why would your husband go up there and leave such a good-looking woman sitting here alone." She had simply smiled at him and told him we had a very open relationship. They continued to chat for a while and then go up and went to the dance floor. Soon my wife flashed her breasts at the stranger for the first time and the action heated up. Through several songs she pranced around him, showing off her tits. The next song was a slow song and I could see the bald-headed stranger rubbing her ass with one hand while the other caressed her breast. My wife had partly straddled his leg and was rubbing her pussy against it. I moved from the stage back to our table and waited.

After a few more songs my wife took the stranger's hand and led him back to the table.
"This is Nate," she said. "Nate, meet my husband Stan." We shook hands and I could feel him tremble. He was trying to stand so I could not see the 7" hard-on in his pants. He quickly  sat down. Sally hadn't told him what we had in mind. I decided to cut right to the chase.

"Nate, I bet you'd like to /wife/wife-fucking/fuck-my-wife/">fuck my wife," I said. Before he could reply, I continued, "well, she'd like to fuck you."

I could see an incredulous look on his face. Sally scooted her chair close to Nate and whispered to him, "I felt your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock on the dance floor, now I want it in me."
Nate was a fairly good-looking man. He had a bit of a paunch and was balding but that didn't bother Sally. She liked him and she wanted to fuck him.
"Let's go," I said. "Where are we going," asked Nate. "Our van's in the parking lot," I replied. As we walked out we made small talk. Nate was a salesman, in town for the week. He was recently divorced and hadn't had much sex in his marriage before the divorce. This was going to be his first lay in nearly 12 months.

We got to the van and pulled open the rolling door. We had taken out the seats and laid out foam pads covered with sheets. I let the two of them get in back while I got into the driver's seat to keep a lookout for security or police. I had parked the van in a dark area of the lot so I felt we were reasonably safe.

From the driver's seat I turned around to see what was going on in the back of the van. The light from a street lamp nearby illuminated the scene. By now Sally and Nate were locked in a sloppy /kissing/tongue-kiss/">tongue kiss while his hands slid up her legs and under her skirt. She was rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. When his hands slid back down her legs the g-string was in them. They broke from kissing long enough for him to pull the g-string over her feet and shoes. Then Sally's hands were busy loosening his belt and fly. She pulled his trousers and underwear down over his feet and off. Then she slid slowly up from his feet until her face bumped against his erect penis.

Bending her head back, she stuck out her tongue and licked the length of his cock. He leaned back against the side of the van and moaned as her mouth engulfed his member. Up and down her head bobbed. Sally's blowjobs have earned her universal praise from the many men she has sucked and fucked since we got married. Nate moaned some more as she took his head all the way into her throat. She nearly gagged as her lips brushed the hair at the base of his seven inch cock. As her mouth slid back up his cock, Nate grabbed her by her short blonde hair and gently pushed her head back down. He continued fucking /slut/slut-wife/my-slut-wife/">my slut wife's mouth until he started to jerk.

"I'm cumming," he groaned. He thrust his cock firmly upward into her mouth and his gentle grip on her head tightened. I could see my wife struggling, first to lift her head and then to swallow the cum that shot down her throat. He finally let go and she came up, gasping for air. Just as her face pulled away from his cock, it jerked one last time and shot a stream of semen across her chin.

"I'm sorry, I guess I got a little carried away," Nate said.
Sally smiled as she wiped the cum off her chin, "You guys always seem to get carried away. I'm getting used to it."
"You mean you've done this before?" Nate asked.
"Well not this exactly, but I've done quite a few threesomes and a couple of gang bangs. I think you are my 20th guy since I started doing this with my husband."
"Whoa, you've been busy. But I'm not are a hot item."
"I always fuck strangers. None of our friends know we do this and we want to keep it that way."
"We haven't fucked yet but with a little inspiration I'll get hard again. Tell me about some of your experiences."

Sally began telling Nate about her first threesome, her first gang bang, her spring break gang bang with the college boys, the time she did the plumber for free work and the first time she fucked a black man. As she talked I kept an eye on the parking lot from the driver's seat. A few guys came out of the strip joint and went to their cars but nobody saw us in the van. After a while Sally stopped talking and other noises came from the back of the vehicle. I turned around and they were going at it.

Sally was lying on her back with her legs spread and Nate was shoving his cock into her pussy. Her miniskirt was pushed up around her waist and the white blouse was open to fully expose her breasts.
"What about a condom?" I asked.
"I forgot," Sally said, "too late."
That's Sally's style. She prefers to feel a man's cum shoot into her body, taking a chance that his sperm will make her /pregnant/">pregnant. She kind of likes the idea that she's taking a chance on being knocked up by a stranger. So far she's been lucky but...
"Take me doggy style," said Sally. Nate got off her and she flipped over on her knees. She was facing the front of the car so I could easily see her from the driver's seat. She leaned down on her elboys and spread her legs wide. Nate got up on his knees and shoved his cock in deep.
"Ohhhh,"Sally moaned.

Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on feeling this stranger
fuck her pussy. His long cock pulled out and then plunged in deep again.
"/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard," said my wife. Nate pulled out and then pushed in again so hard that her whole body moved forward
and her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts vibrated.
"Oh yes, harder, harder," she moaned.
"Tell him what you are Sally," I ordered.
"I'm a slut, I'm your slut wife," she replied.
"If you are my slut wife, what are you for Nate?" I asked.
"I'm his whore. I'm your slut wife and his whore."
"Do you like fucking my slut wife?" I asked Nate.
"Oh yes," he replied, "her pussy is so wet and willing. And her ass is so round and nice."
"Do you want to cum in my wife?" I asked.
"Oh yes," Sally said "fill me with your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, I want your sperm inside me."

That last comment was all it took to push Nate over the edge. Once again he trembled and then pushed his cock to the hilt in my wife's pussy.
"Oh, I feel your hot cum shooting inside me,: Sally said.
Nate's whole body shook as he pumped stream after stream of semen into my whore wife. Then, exhausted, he pulled out and fell back in the van.
"Oh crap, there's security," I said. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot just as security began their sweep of the cars.
"Wait, my car's back there," hollered Nate.
"Don't worry, we'll go around the block a few times until we are sure they're gone, " I said.. "Go ahead and get dressed."

On the third time around the block the club's security guys were gone. We dropped Nate off at his car and headed for home.
Sally slid between the bucket seats from the back of the van. She spread her legs as she sat in the passenger seat.
"My pussy's all wet with cum. And a little is leaking out."

I turned on the dome light and looked over at my slut wife. She pulled back the skirt to show me. Sure enough, semen was oozing out of her onto the seat.
"You like seeing other /men/men-fuck/">men fuck me, don't you?" She said. "My pussy is now full of his sperm and it's leaking out. Do you like seeing that too?"
She reached over,unzipped my pants and grabbed my dick.
"You must like it, you're hard as a board."

She leaned over and started sucking on me as I drove. I could hardly control the van, so I pulled into an empty parking lot. Soon my slut wife had a load of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth as well as her pussy.