Secret Lovers

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Secret Lovers

I still couldn’t believe that I was sitting here with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend of so many years blowjob porn videos talking about the most uncomfortable subject of Sex. I don’t even remember how we got on this topic but it was certainly getting hot and heavy. I'm Katrina, and my friends name is Alison; Ally for short.
"He was on top of me, I didn’t know what to do," she said, "but it felt so good. Have you ever had a guy like that Trina?" She then looked at me thoughtfully.
What was I supposed to say?

"Umm... Sure" I Replied. Truth was I’ve never had a guy touch me like that. My Parents wouldn’t let any of my boyfriends near the house and I was barely allowed to go outside, even on the weekends. I was only ever really allowed at my friends’ houses; Samantha's and Ally's. Ally was a pretty girl, matter of fact she usually had all of the boys in high school asking her out. She had a size 26 waist, 36 hips, and about a D cup for a bra size. What I liked most of all about her was her skin. She was a little more tanned then me and she was about 3 inches shorter. I on the other hand, am 5'9 and fairly skinny with 34 hips, 27 inch waist, and C34 Bra size with long black hair to match.
Most of the guys asked her out because they figured she gave it up easy, and most of the guys didn’t ask me out because I was quieter and knew that I wouldn’t put out. I’m sure that they just smelled 'virgin' all over me when they walked by.

"He Started fingering me, and I didn’t want to tell him to stop you know. I just love it when guys do that." She Paused for a moment after saying that and then lifted her head off the pillow to look at me. I tried to turn my head so that she couldn’t see the bright red flowing from my cheeks.
"Do you know what he asked me next Trina?" she looked at me anxiously, "He asked me if I ever kissed a girl before..."
When she finished that sentence my cheeks flushed an even brighter pink. I began to wonder where this conversation was going so I had to ask.
"Well have you?" I asked meekly.

’Yeah I have, once, but i'm not sure if I liked it. I can’t remember." After she replied I began to think if maybe she was suggesting something... but then I thought she couldn’t be, and why would she be interested in me anyways? Besides this was my best friend and best friends weren’t supposed to have feelings for each other. I've always found myself thinking Ally was attractive but, did she look at me like that?

"We should get to sleep Ally it’s getting late and we have school tomorrow." I said reluctantly. I wanted to tell her how I felt but I was too shy, sometimes I wished I was more outspoken.
"Yeah you are right" she said, "We Really should go to bed we have to get up early." I Then Clicked off the lights and we got into bed.
I was just getting to sleep when I began to hear noises.

"Uhh mmmm mmmmmmm ooooohhh." I turned to see where the noises came from and to see if ally was okay, and then I got a pair of lips to my lips and a tongue in my mouth along with my own. Ally was kissing me and I was kissing her back. Her soft hands felt down my sides past my breasts, over my bellybutton and found its place in-between my legs. I lay back, and she climbed on top of me, making sure not to let her tongue slip out of my mouth. This all happened so suddenly I had no time to think but only feel. Her fingers gently pushed my legs apart finding their way threw my inner folds and onto my clit.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Oh My Goodness Ally we shouldn’t be doing this..." I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. her only reply was, "shhh we have to be quiet or my /mom/">mom will wake up and kill us both." she grinned at me before kissing down my neck, all the while still caressing my clit with her fingers. A low moan escaped my lips, and then I began to breathe shallower the quicker her fingers moved up and down my folds. She began to nibble on my breast, first the left nipple and then moved onto the right leaving a path of saliva trickling from each as her tongue moved around them in a circular motion. As her head traveled down south my breathing got deeper.

I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take. She seemed so skilled. Her fingers that were on my clit began to move in circles. First slow then faster the further down her went on my body. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them her tongue was by my lower lips.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm noooo ally not that please, I cant take this anymore" I said in a hoarse whisper. Her response to my pleading was only a "shhhhh" as she pulled my legs more apart then they were and began to lick the side of my inner thighs. Instinctively I began to move my warm-wet spot closer toward that tongue of hers. Why did she love to tease me so much? She began to lick the outside of my outer lips and I let out another low moan. I needed this, and I needed her right now. I grabbed the top of her head ever so gently and guided it towards where I needed it to go.
"mmmmppppphhhhhhh!" Once it made contact I had to grab the pillow and put it over my mouth to stop myself from crying out. Ally drove straight in for the kill and showed no mercy. she opened my inner folds with her fingers and began to gingerly lick my clit and then suddenly began to devour it sucking noisily. I Felt like I couldn’t breathe, the shock was so intense.
"A-a-ally, s-stop," I whispered as quietly as I could, "i’m about t-to C-come!!" she kept milf porn videos going still, showed no mercy and acted like I hadn't said anything at all. Then I came with the most pleasure that until up to that point I had never experienced in my life. She got it all and took it with no hesitation, and continued to lick after I had already gotten off.

"I love the way you taste Trina," she looked up at me as she said this "I’ve wanted to do that for a long time."

I bent down and gave her a wet passionate kiss, nearly tasting myself on her, and then I said, "I wasn’t sure how you felt about me but I had been feeling that way about you for a long time. I feel like we have always should have been more then friends but I haven’t found the right words to tell you and i’m too shy. I was waiting for you Hun"
"Well then i’m glad I made the first move." she smiled.
Then I Returned the favor.