A Day At The Office Part 2

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A Day At The Office Part 2

 It was difficult for me to get any work done after such an exciting start to my day. The sexual encounter with Lorraine in her cubicle certainly wrecked havoc with my concentration and I welcomed the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee as break time rolled around. Of course, I sat with her and we talked about getting together after work; unfortunately, she had already made plans to go out with a couple of her girl friends on this particular Friday night so she invited me over for dinner Saturday evening.

I finished my coffee and headed back to my own desk when I realized I needed to take a leak. I walked over to the area where the rest rooms are located on our floor but I was hoping I could have found a private place to go...someplace where I could wash off my cock; it was still coated with the hardened cum from Lorraine and myself from earlier that morning. Then I remembered the handicapped toilet facility down another hall; it was much smaller than the regular bathrooms but had a locking door. Occasionally, an employee might use it if the other toilets were all being used.

Just as I was extending my hand to open the door to the bathroom, Susan turned the corner where one hallway met the one I was standing in and bumped into me. ’Oh,’ she exclaimed, ’I’m so sorry....I didn’t...’

I just smiled at Susan and she stopped mid-sentence; she smiled in return as we both thought back to her watching Lorraine and I having sex, without us knowing she was there until we were finished.

’Uh...I have to take a leak,’ I said. ’Were you planning on using this bathroom? I mean, I can wait if you’d like.’
’Well, yes; I do also have to go...but...maybe we could share the bathroom. Perhaps you could use some help... uh, holding... yours?’ Susan replied, with a wicked grin.

I didn’t say a word but opened the door wide and held it as Susan walked in; I quickly glanced around to be sure we weren’t being watched and then ducked in after her. Inside the room was only a standard toilet in a large stall and large, sturdy hand rails on either side to assist wheel chair users. Over on the other side of the six-foot by eight-foot room was a fairly large sink on a formica-topped counter.

’Would you like to go first?’, I asked.
’No,’ Susan replied, ’I can wait...why don’t you go first?’

I proceeded to stand by the toilet and raised the seat; I took out my prick and aimed. The warm, yellow stream began and I shifted my stance slightly. Susan watched, first from a distance, then as soon as I started to piss, she removed my hand from my cock and held it tentatively in her hand. ’Wow,’ she exclaimed, ’I can actually feel your pee as it’s going through your cock.’ As the liquid slowed and finally ebbed, she proceeded to shake it a bit, the last drops of pee dropping into the toilet down below. Then, using her thumb and two fingers, she began moving the foreskin back and forth and looked up at me; next, she changed hands, grasped the entire shaft within her fist and slowly began jerking me off.

’I thought you had to go too,’ I said.
She crouched down now, squatting as her face came level with my cock, and looked up at me. ’I can wait...right now, I’d like to finish what I’ve started here. Unless you’d like me to stop’, she said, with an exaggerated look of question on her face.

’No, no...’ I replied, ’but I did want to wash that thing off; it’s one of the reasons I came to this particular bathroom.’
’Well, I can help you do that too.....’

With that, Susan nudged my legs until I had turned slightly away from the toilet and she moved directly in front of me. I looked down to see my cock disappear slowly into Susan’s mouth. First, she put her beautiful red lips right over the head and just ran them over the ridge a few times, sucking slightly as her left hand continued to move back and forth on the shaft. She then moved her hand all the way to the base, half-buried in my thick black pubic hair; next, she engulfed the rest of my prick with her hungry mouth until I could feel the tip touching the back of her throat. Her right hand was gently massaging my balls as the previous secretions from earlier in the day were being dissolved by Susan’s saliva and mingled freely with my new pre-cum juices.

Susan was a great cock-sucker and she certainly seemed to enjoy it; I was watching so intently as her head moved back and forth over my tool. I loved the way her lips kept in perfect contact with my eight inch shaft as it pulled out of her mouth, but then the lips expanded slightly in all directions as they rode over my glans just before the head popped halfway out. She repeated this over and over as my groin ached in anticipation of release. Finally, she took my prick completely out of her mouth and watched closely with her head tilted to one side when she knew I was about to cum. My cock was dripping wet and her hand was gliding over the shaft and head; she the wwwxxx gave it a little twisting motion from time to time for added stimulation.

I looked up toward the ceiling but my eyes were closed now. Soon, I passed the point of no return and I lowered my head and opened my eyes to watch Susan’s hand on my cock; I whispered to her, ’Oh, Susan, don’t stop. I’m gonna explode....right...right....... noooowwwwwww...’

Susan didn’t stop; in fact, just before I ejaculated, she continued to jerk me off but rested my cockhead on the tip of her tongue. I saw the first spurt shoot between those lovely, wet red lips into the back of her open mouth and leave a little white trail on her pink tongue. Immediately following was the next stream of cum and then the next but as soon as the second pulse of cum shot out, Susan gobbled up my entire cock again and moved her mouth back and forth along the length of my cock. Her hollowed cheeks kept sucking steadily to drain the cum from my balls; I don’t think she missed a drop. My cock felt like it had just been infused into this wanton young woman as it soon began to soften, but Susan still greedily kept it contained within her mouth. She was motionless now but her breathing was still heavy; her eyes were closed and beads of sweat were visible on her forehead. A little dribble from her nose rested on her upper lip and she soon opened her eyes and slid the spent prick from between her inflamed, puffy lips.

’Oh; that was lovely’, she said softly. ’I really love to suck cock...feeling it erupt inside my mouth is such a rush’.
’Wow,’ I replied, with some genuine emotion, ’you are unbelievable...that was the best head I’ve ever gotten in my life’.

Susan raised herself up to a standing position and wiped her brow; she grabbed some toilet tissue and wiped her upper lip. Then she said, ’Okay, Daryl; now it’s my turn,’ as she raised her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off, tossing them on the counter top next to the sink. She climbed up onto the sink and leaned back a bit, her ass hanging nearly to the drain as she spread her legs and let them dangle off the counter top. She bent over slightly and peered down to see her right hand spread her pussy a bit and then began urinating in the sink. She looked up and called me over, ’Daryl; don’t you want to watch?’

I moved closer to Susan and crouched down so I could see the pee running quite heavily out her semi-shaved cunt; her dark pubic hair was trimmed neatly and her pussy lips were full and crimson-colored by now due to her arousal. As I watched the last of her pee drain from her body, I began unbuttoning her man-tailored blouse and opened it wide to see her breasts tightly contained in her thin bra. Susan had quite a full pair of tits for a rather petite girl of only about 125 pounds on a 5’ 2’ frame. I slid the bra straps off her shoulders and pulled the cups down to release her breasts; I was attracted to the very /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples which stood up at least half an inch and were probably another half inch in diameter; they looked like those nipples on baby bottles, with sharply defined edges.
I leaned forward to kiss Susan as her full lips parted and our tongues probed deeply into each others’ mouths. I began rubbing her pussy with my right hand, leaning on the counter top with my left; we sucked on each others blood-engorged lips as I inserted a finger, then two, up her cunt. Between her urine and her pre-orgasmic juices, Susan began to wet my fingers thoroughly and I soon removed my hand and bent down closer to see her fluids seeping into the sink. Now, she removed her ass from deep within the sink and wiggled forward until her pussy /hung/">hung over the edge of the sink counter top; I spread her legs a bit further and brought my mouth to her cunt, sucking first on her labia and then her clit. I reached up with both hands to caress her tits and felt her tall nipples against the center of my palms. I placed my mouth over her opening and tongued her deeply.

Susan’s clit grew harder and taller’much like her nipples’as I sensed her nearing her orgasm. I redoubled my efforts, alternately lapping furiously at her cunt lips and clit, next moving my tongue up and down, then side to side within her wide-open snatch. I savored the aroma of her cunt and was soon rewarded with a copious flow of cum juice which ran down my chin. Susan tensed up, then grabbed the back of my head as her orgasm peaked; she rocked back and forth on the edge of the sink top as her wave of pleasure swept through her. When it finally subsided, she moved her hands to the sides of my face, nudging my chin up with her fingers so my eyes stared deeply into hers; a peaceful, thin smile told me she was drained in more ways than one.

We helped each other wash up, cleaning off the various juices from our faces, hands and legs before putting our clothes back into place. Before we left the bathroom, I knelt down to look through the thin space wwwxxx under the door to make sure no one was standing outside. We parted ways as I opened the door and returned to our respective desks to try to get some work done.

(part 3 coming soon)